Jan. 17th, 2012 04:02 pm
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Fold back the morning and bring on the night
There's an alien moon
That hangs between darkness and light
Latitude, between me and you
You're a straight line of distance
A cold stretch of black across blue

It always interests me what memories a song will pull up.

This song is pretty much all about high school for me. I listened to the whole Made in England album a lot while touring Europe with the family in 1998. Continued to listened to it for much of the following year, to the point where I could nearly recite each song. Believe, Made in England, Belfast, Latitude, Lies, Blessed.

I'd love to see Elton John in concert.


Oct. 27th, 2011 02:02 pm
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Trying not to lose my head
But I've never been this scared before 
Tell you what I'll do instead
Lay my body down on the floor 
To forget what I've done
Silhouette 'til the good Lord come 
All we know is distance 
We're close and then we run 
Kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
Trying not to lose your own
Boxing up everything, you've got 
All you ever knew of home
You're scared scared to see 
Your mother there in the door
You wonder, where did the years go? 
All we know is distance 
We're close and then we run 
Kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
But this is how the story ends 
Or have we just begun 
To kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
The violins make no sound 
And I begin to feel the ground 
All we know is distance 
We're close and then we run 
Kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
But this is where the story ends 
Or have we just begun 
To kiss away the difference? 
I know you hate this one
Listen til he's twenty
Last's til twenty one
Rushing past the window
Like he's watching his own son
And sixty years of sorrow
Brought five to six of bliss
Left my mother's mother
Without so much as a kiss
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I gave it all, my cards have fallen.
But I'm still alive! And in the end...
Believe my friend, I will survive...
Glory and heartache, and some of the joy …

Go, seize the day! Wake up and say,
This is an extraordinary life!
Enjoy today, come what may
This is an extraordinary life!
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Some will get to where they're going
Find a place they've always been
Never understand the mystery
Turn around and start again
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I watch it all change,
take the news of the day
and throw it away.
Time will kill all the pain,
faith will cure the decay
of all this blind ambition;
the greed brings us together.
Stay strong, stay true, be brave - it all comes down to you.
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Everybody had their doubts
So they tried to pull me under
Everytime I felt the strain
Someone sent a sense of wonder...
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It never fails to amaze me how a song can bring up a memory. In this case, one from a little more than six years ago. Hell, I even blogged about it.

I was on my way to spring break ... my last spring break as a college student. As the story goes...
I got on at the Wire Road exit (#42) and started crusing. For about 15 miles it was great and then we hit traffic. Seems a semi decided now would be a good time to catch fire and block three lanes of traffic, so traffic was coming to a standstill. Only the girl in the Nissan a few cars up didn't notice it and rear-ended a Corolla.

Being the nice guy I am, I stopped over to help. The chick was very, very cute, wearing but a black corset, ribbon around her neck, and a pair of jeans. I wanted to bend her over the car and ... nevermind. But I behaved and comforted her for about an hour and a half while we waited for the State Trooper to get there.
It's funny. I can't believe I didn't post this in the entry, but I still remember peeking in the back window of her busted car, and seeing a copy of Frank Herbert's Dune in the her partially open bag. We spent the time waiting for the State Trooper to get there discussing Dune and other science fiction classics (I myself was working on some Heinlin at the time). Then, once the State Trooper got there, we said goodbye and I got back on the road.

In my blog post about spring break a week later, I dedicated the lyrics to Bowling For Soup's Girl All The Bad Guys Want to her.

I never even got her name. I guess it just wasn't meant to be at the time.

I wonder what ever happened to her...
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And I'd promise you anything for another shot at life
Imperfect boys with their perfect lives
Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy...
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Singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt has died in an Athens, Ga. hospital after taking an overdose of muscle relaxants, said a family spokesman. He was 45.
You're in Santa Monica on a numbered street
I'll be on a salty highway burning up a lucky streak...


Dec. 11th, 2009 01:33 pm
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And everyone I’ve loved before
Flashed before my eyes
And nothin’ mattered anymore
I looked into the sky

Well we all want something better than
We wish for something new
Well we all want something beautiful
Wish for something true
Been lookin’ for a reason and
Something to lose

When the wheels come down
When the wheels touch ground
And you feel like it’s all over
There’s another round for you
When the wheels come down


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