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It seems like a lifetime ago...

I was working at my first real career type job - a junior programmer for a transit company. All summer I lusted over a 2000 Ford Focus. And, if there was one indispensable soundtrack to that "last summer" before I left for Auburn, it was the Titan A.E. soundtrack. 

It was only 12 years. Why does it feel like a whole different life, and a whole different person?


Oct. 27th, 2011 02:02 pm
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Trying not to lose my head
But I've never been this scared before 
Tell you what I'll do instead
Lay my body down on the floor 
To forget what I've done
Silhouette 'til the good Lord come 
All we know is distance 
We're close and then we run 
Kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
Trying not to lose your own
Boxing up everything, you've got 
All you ever knew of home
You're scared scared to see 
Your mother there in the door
You wonder, where did the years go? 
All we know is distance 
We're close and then we run 
Kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
But this is how the story ends 
Or have we just begun 
To kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
The violins make no sound 
And I begin to feel the ground 
All we know is distance 
We're close and then we run 
Kiss away the difference 
I know you hate this one 
But this is where the story ends 
Or have we just begun 
To kiss away the difference? 
I know you hate this one
Listen til he's twenty
Last's til twenty one
Rushing past the window
Like he's watching his own son
And sixty years of sorrow
Brought five to six of bliss
Left my mother's mother
Without so much as a kiss
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Had an amazing weekend in Birmingham at the Widespread Panic shows. I partied like a rockstar.

I left work at noon to head for Birmingham and ended up driving through the storms most of the way down I-65 although once I got south of Cullman the storms cleared. I was staying with a friend from Auburn in his new house in Hoover. We stood on his porch and watched the water pooling in his yard.

The Friday show was originally supposed to be at Oak Mountain, but was moved to the BJCC due to the severe weather that ravaged the state on Friday. At one point, this crazy high chick in front of us picked up a wet floor sign and started waving it around. She ended up hitting my friend in the head with it. This is also the same crazy high chick that had a "religious experience" at the end of the first set and was on the floor sobbing during the set break.

Saturday, one of my friends wasn't able to go because his wife was turning 30, so it was just two of us. And then my other friend bailed halfway through the show, so it was just me alone at Oak Mountain for the second set and encore.

Overall the shows were good. Widespread Panic is a band that absolutely should be seen live. But not only that, they should be seen live outside. Of the top five Panic shows I've been to, they've all been outside shows (the 2003 Warehouse District shows, the 2010 Atlanta shows, and this show at Oak Mountain). Still, while the Oak Mountains show was good, my favorite so far was still second night in Atlanta in 2010.
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So I was watching this special on the Foo Fighters last night on VH1. If you're a Foo Fighters fan, you should definitely not miss this. Although, the "you're getting old" bug in my ear reminds me that I just watched a special on one of my favorite bands ... on VH1.

Anyways, they were interviewing Dave Grohl (as well as the other members) in various parts of the documentary. Now, I have tons of respect for Dave as a musician (how can you not when he was in two of the biggest bands of the last 20 years - Nirvana and the Foo Fighters). But, in some of the segments, he came across to me as the stereotypical egotistical rockstar.

But then I got to thinking about it while I was mowing the lawn today. He's talking about his job. His career. His business. What he does for a living. While we like to think of it as "just music" and an artistic pursuit (which it is), when you do it full time you also have to look at it as a business, career and a source of income. Is it any surprise he might have strongly-held opinions about what he does every day?

I know that, if you ask me about software engineering, I have tons of very strong opinions about my career. I have come to these conclusions through experience, and I have reached where I am through hard work. I bet that I would probably come across to someone not in my industry as extremely egotistical, when the reality is that I'm only slightly egotistical. :P

I think I can cut Dave a little slack for coming off that way when talking about the music business. After all, to him, that's what he deals with every day.
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I gave it all, my cards have fallen.
But I'm still alive! And in the end...
Believe my friend, I will survive...
Glory and heartache, and some of the joy …

Go, seize the day! Wake up and say,
This is an extraordinary life!
Enjoy today, come what may
This is an extraordinary life!
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I watch it all change,
take the news of the day
and throw it away.
Time will kill all the pain,
faith will cure the decay
of all this blind ambition;
the greed brings us together.
Stay strong, stay true, be brave - it all comes down to you.
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Prior to this weekend, the last Widespread Panic show I was at was Birmingham in November of 2007. That is almost three years of not having seen my favorite band. A situation that had to be rectified. So, what better way to spend a weekend in September than seeing the 'Spread in Atlanta?

And, wow, I'm glad I made these shows. What all did I hear in two nights? Among my favorite songs: Airplane, Goin' Out West, Bust It Big, All Time Low, Tall Boy, Sharon, Travelin' Light, Disco, Diner, Pilgrims, Ain't Life Grand, Driving Song, Chilly Water, Pigeons, and Protein Drink/Sewing Machine. But the single song I was looking for, my favorite song, my favorite Widespread Panic song that had eluded me in 8 years of going to concerts, finally happened. Saturday night, first song of the night, I finally got it:


That night, they wrapped up with what is probably my second favorite Panic song: Protein Drink/Sewing Machine.

It was a truly epic weekend. I partied like a college student, drank like a fish, hung out with people I haven't seen in years, bought some cool shit in the lot and overall had one of the best weekends I've had in years. And Auburn's notching of a win over South Carolina was the icing on the cake.

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Everybody had their doubts
So they tried to pull me under
Everytime I felt the strain
Someone sent a sense of wonder...
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Widespread Panic 2 Day Pass
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA
Fri, Sep 24, 2010 - Sat, Sep 25, 2010
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It never fails to amaze me how a song can bring up a memory. In this case, one from a little more than six years ago. Hell, I even blogged about it.

I was on my way to spring break ... my last spring break as a college student. As the story goes...
I got on at the Wire Road exit (#42) and started crusing. For about 15 miles it was great and then we hit traffic. Seems a semi decided now would be a good time to catch fire and block three lanes of traffic, so traffic was coming to a standstill. Only the girl in the Nissan a few cars up didn't notice it and rear-ended a Corolla.

Being the nice guy I am, I stopped over to help. The chick was very, very cute, wearing but a black corset, ribbon around her neck, and a pair of jeans. I wanted to bend her over the car and ... nevermind. But I behaved and comforted her for about an hour and a half while we waited for the State Trooper to get there.
It's funny. I can't believe I didn't post this in the entry, but I still remember peeking in the back window of her busted car, and seeing a copy of Frank Herbert's Dune in the her partially open bag. We spent the time waiting for the State Trooper to get there discussing Dune and other science fiction classics (I myself was working on some Heinlin at the time). Then, once the State Trooper got there, we said goodbye and I got back on the road.

In my blog post about spring break a week later, I dedicated the lyrics to Bowling For Soup's Girl All The Bad Guys Want to her.

I never even got her name. I guess it just wasn't meant to be at the time.

I wonder what ever happened to her...
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This weekend Sarah and I were cleaning out the attic. It's the first time I've truly parted with anything major since moving out of home ten years ago - nothing like going through ten years worth of accumulated junk. I kid you not, we took two pickup truck loads worth of junk out - one went to Technology Recycling, and the other is going to Goodwill.

We also built shelves to hold what was still there - sentimental stuff (a few boxes of college and fraternity stuff, and a box of high school stuff), Christmas decorations and stuff we can't store elsewhere in the house due to lack of space. All in all, a productive weekend.

In one of the bins I came across a stack of CDs. I set them aside and started going through them once the work was done. Unsurprisingly, most of them were audio mix CDs. I never burned a lot of data CDs, but in a time before I had an iPod (or an iPhone now), I used to burn CDs to listen to in the car or in a mobile CD player. And there were four or five mix CDs of various stuff I burned while in college.

Full circle from burning them years ago: I went through each one and created a playlist in iTunes to match the CD.
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And I'd promise you anything for another shot at life
Imperfect boys with their perfect lives
Nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy...


Feb. 17th, 2010 10:44 pm
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Three Days Grace and Chevelle in Huntsville. April 6th, 2010 at the VBC!
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Singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt has died in an Athens, Ga. hospital after taking an overdose of muscle relaxants, said a family spokesman. He was 45.
You're in Santa Monica on a numbered street
I'll be on a salty highway burning up a lucky streak...

JB Speaks

Dec. 17th, 2009 12:05 pm
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A thoughtful interview by Widespread Panic's John "J.B." Bell. A little bit more light than I would have expected out of a hard rocker, but he did have this to say:
... Negative judgment of others (and myself) is probably one of the most important things I can leave out of my “diet.”

Some other nonfood items I try to leave out of my diet: hate, fear, jealousy, unwillingness to forgive — and all the other idiots the ego “roommate” in my head likes to invite over for a party. From time to time, we all see people act in ways that ignite these feelings within us. For me, I know I just don’t feel well when I hold on to these negative emotions too far beyond noticing my initial reaction. In my personal experience, this is probably one of the most overlooked areas when considering one’s well-being. Personal attacks may be intentional or products of one’s own perception. In either case, I can’t imagine that holding on to negative emotions will “fix” another person or be healthy for ourselves on any level. I still feel it all, but I try to move my thoughts to those of discernment, forgiveness and love.
I LIKE that.
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The project that began last week - tagging all 1,843 LiveJournal entires I've made since December 2001 - is finally, and at long last, complete. 310 tags now cover that entire time period for easier reference. It was a great voyage through the last nine years of my life, and I find that, each day that goes by, I'm glad I've taken the time to write down over all these years what was going on in my life at that time.

Back in 2004, just before my first MFM, I was musing on music (as I often do) and wrote this:
Did you ever notice how a song that you once hated and couldn't stand you now like?
I followed it up by mentioning a few that came to mind at the time: The Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There and Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing.

It occurred to me today, as I went shopping for some new clothes to wear (see my previous entry about not having much left to wear), when another such song popped up on my iPhone. At least one song I didn't care for that, in the intervening years, I've come to like: Maroon 5 - Harder to Breathe.

I think at the time I hated it because it was just freaking everywhere at the time. One of my annoyances with the Clearchannel radio world we live in now is that, when a song has the potential to be popular, every radio station everywhere drives it straight into the ground by playing it seemingly every other song. That's what the station(s) in Auburn were doing at the time with this song.

But ... I think that, precisely because it was everywhere during my senior year at Auburn, every time I hear it now, that's what I think about. Which may explain why I like it now.

So what about you guys? Are there songs that you didn't like when they came out but now do?


Dec. 11th, 2009 01:33 pm
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And everyone I’ve loved before
Flashed before my eyes
And nothin’ mattered anymore
I looked into the sky

Well we all want something better than
We wish for something new
Well we all want something beautiful
Wish for something true
Been lookin’ for a reason and
Something to lose

When the wheels come down
When the wheels touch ground
And you feel like it’s all over
There’s another round for you
When the wheels come down
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Not really sure how to rate this, so I'll base the first list on my top 10 according to iTunes:
  1. Phish - Farmhouse
  2. Matthew Ebel - Latte Days & Porter Nights
  3. Social Distortion - Ball and Chain
  4. Blue October - Into the Ocean
  5. Yes - I've Seen All Good People
  6. Fall Out Boy - Disloyal Order Of Water Buffalo
  7. Metro Station - Shake It
  8. Yes - Homeworld
  9. Stone Sour - Zzyzx Road
  10. Foo Fighters - Wheels
And here's probably my top 10 favorites of all time:
  1. Staind - How About You
  2. Widespread Panic - Porch Song
  3. moe. - Rebubula
  4. Yes - Homeworld
  5. Foo Fighters - Everlong
  6. Cracker - Low
  7. Bob Seger - Against The Wind
  8. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
  9. Temple of the Dog - Hunger Strike
  10. Yankee Grey - All Things Considered
I'm not sure what the definition of "a kid" is being that I'm probably still a kid to a lot of folks. When I was really young, I listened mostly to Southern Rock, Country, and Motown, because that's what my parents listened to. When I was a teenager, I got big into the Alternative Rock scene, and then in college, I was big into the Jam scene. Since I've been out of school, I listen to such a huge range of styles (Emo, Jam, Country, Alternative Rock, Metal, Acoustic, Piano Rock, etc...) it's kind of hard to pin myself down to a single list of stuff.

So as I've moved through these phases, it's kind of hard to determine what I listened to and compare it to now. So, I'm sure in a few years I'll move through something else.


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