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Had an amazing weekend in Birmingham at the Widespread Panic shows. I partied like a rockstar.

I left work at noon to head for Birmingham and ended up driving through the storms most of the way down I-65 although once I got south of Cullman the storms cleared. I was staying with a friend from Auburn in his new house in Hoover. We stood on his porch and watched the water pooling in his yard.

The Friday show was originally supposed to be at Oak Mountain, but was moved to the BJCC due to the severe weather that ravaged the state on Friday. At one point, this crazy high chick in front of us picked up a wet floor sign and started waving it around. She ended up hitting my friend in the head with it. This is also the same crazy high chick that had a "religious experience" at the end of the first set and was on the floor sobbing during the set break.

Saturday, one of my friends wasn't able to go because his wife was turning 30, so it was just two of us. And then my other friend bailed halfway through the show, so it was just me alone at Oak Mountain for the second set and encore.

Overall the shows were good. Widespread Panic is a band that absolutely should be seen live. But not only that, they should be seen live outside. Of the top five Panic shows I've been to, they've all been outside shows (the 2003 Warehouse District shows, the 2010 Atlanta shows, and this show at Oak Mountain). Still, while the Oak Mountains show was good, my favorite so far was still second night in Atlanta in 2010.
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Prior to this weekend, the last Widespread Panic show I was at was Birmingham in November of 2007. That is almost three years of not having seen my favorite band. A situation that had to be rectified. So, what better way to spend a weekend in September than seeing the 'Spread in Atlanta?

And, wow, I'm glad I made these shows. What all did I hear in two nights? Among my favorite songs: Airplane, Goin' Out West, Bust It Big, All Time Low, Tall Boy, Sharon, Travelin' Light, Disco, Diner, Pilgrims, Ain't Life Grand, Driving Song, Chilly Water, Pigeons, and Protein Drink/Sewing Machine. But the single song I was looking for, my favorite song, my favorite Widespread Panic song that had eluded me in 8 years of going to concerts, finally happened. Saturday night, first song of the night, I finally got it:


That night, they wrapped up with what is probably my second favorite Panic song: Protein Drink/Sewing Machine.

It was a truly epic weekend. I partied like a college student, drank like a fish, hung out with people I haven't seen in years, bought some cool shit in the lot and overall had one of the best weekends I've had in years. And Auburn's notching of a win over South Carolina was the icing on the cake.

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Widespread Panic 2 Day Pass
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, Alpharetta, GA
Fri, Sep 24, 2010 - Sat, Sep 25, 2010
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Singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt has died in an Athens, Ga. hospital after taking an overdose of muscle relaxants, said a family spokesman. He was 45.
You're in Santa Monica on a numbered street
I'll be on a salty highway burning up a lucky streak...

JB Speaks

Dec. 17th, 2009 12:05 pm
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A thoughtful interview by Widespread Panic's John "J.B." Bell. A little bit more light than I would have expected out of a hard rocker, but he did have this to say:
... Negative judgment of others (and myself) is probably one of the most important things I can leave out of my “diet.”

Some other nonfood items I try to leave out of my diet: hate, fear, jealousy, unwillingness to forgive — and all the other idiots the ego “roommate” in my head likes to invite over for a party. From time to time, we all see people act in ways that ignite these feelings within us. For me, I know I just don’t feel well when I hold on to these negative emotions too far beyond noticing my initial reaction. In my personal experience, this is probably one of the most overlooked areas when considering one’s well-being. Personal attacks may be intentional or products of one’s own perception. In either case, I can’t imagine that holding on to negative emotions will “fix” another person or be healthy for ourselves on any level. I still feel it all, but I try to move my thoughts to those of discernment, forgiveness and love.
I LIKE that.


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