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I've been having a lot of dental work done recently.

It started way back in August, when I noticed something feeling really weird in the back of my mouth. Like one of my teeth had cracked in half. But there was no pain. So I figured I'd go to the dentist and have it looked at. But I decided not to go to that same dentist I went to last time around. They were expensive, for one, and it seems like they wanted to drill my entire mouth out. So I picked a different dentist.

Glad I did that.

This new dentist seems to take a more cautious approach. Whereas the previous dentist was like DRILL ALL THE THINGS, this dentist is more along the lines of "let's try this less invasive thing first and see if that works."

Unfortunately, it didn't work out right just off the bat. They tried to fill that tooth, but the filling caused pain so I ended up with a root canal back there. Then, while doing the root canal, part of the file broke inside my tooth. Fortunately, it broke at the bottom of the canal, so there are no complications from it.

Went back again today for my checkup and to have them look at something that has been causing pain on my lower right side. After all that was said and done, they took X-rays of my entire jaw, as I mentioned that the previous dentist thought I should have my wisdom teeth out OMFG RIGHT NOW. After looking at the X-rays, she told me she really didn't see any reason why I should have to have them out.

So yeah, glad I got that second opinion. And, short one minor filling, a clean dental bill of heath. Surprising, considering where I was a couple years ago.


Aug. 29th, 2011 05:31 pm
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Had my second root canal this afternoon. So far no pain and just a little sore. We'll see how things go.

What happened?

Well, for a few months, I've been able to feel that something wasn't quite right with my far back molar on my left top side. It felt like it had a massive hole in it. But, there was no pain. So I didn't think a lot about it. But, at the same time, I remember the lesson I learned the last time - that dental problems are best treated quickly so that they don't become excruciatingly painful.

So last week I went to the dentist to have them look at it. I had managed to knock the corner of the tooth off. She wanted to attempt to fix it with just a filling first, but it ended up being a pretty deep filling and she warned me that it was a 50/50 chance that I'd have to come back for more work. Within a few hours, I knew it hadn't worked out. I've had fillings before, and I had far more pain with this filling than I'd ever had before. So after giving it a few days just to be sure, I scheduled a follow-up for today.

So today they did the root canal and put a temporary top on the tooth. I'm supposed to go back on Thursday - my 30th birthday - for them to finish.


Feb. 16th, 2010 05:27 pm
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Thursday night and Friday morning were the worst. I was popping pills every two hours to keep the pain under control and let me get the sleep I needed.

[ profile] kubulai was right in his comment to my previous entry: I didn't go into work Friday. But he's also right that I would go Orly Taitz batshit insane if I didn't do something other than lay on my ass. So, I VPN'd in and worked from my comfy position on the couch. It actually helped to keep my mind off the pain. Also watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

By Saturday it had started to lessen. I could eat solid foods again as long as I chewed the majority on the other side of my mouth (which I was already doing to avoid the pain before). I also went from pills every two hours to pills every four hours. I actually felt like doing some things so I worked on some code for Furry Weekend Atlanta. Saturday evening Sarah and I went out to dinner at Red Robin (a place I hadn't been in months, mostly due to their lack of diet-friendly items). I figured, since I'd been on a liquid diet all day prior, I'd earned a good meal.

Sunday, I was able to take myself off the pain pills and make due with just tylenol.

Monday, I woke up to find a giant crack in the middle of my windshield. Fucking joy. That's $200 down the drain. Still not sure how it happened, either.


Feb. 11th, 2010 08:19 pm
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So I'm sitting here, woozy from the pain meds they gave me. But I made it through to the other side!

I went into the oral surgeons office this morning. The got me checked in pretty quickly and into the chair, sedated, and numbed up. Then, it was two ours of drilling, poking, and the occasional burst of pain. I was awake the whole time, by the way. They start with the root canal - and you know it's gonna suck when they start with the fucking root canal. After that, they do the crown, and finally the shit where they pull my gums back and trim the bone down.

So yeah. I have stitches in my mouth and soreness and some pain. But ... it's not as bad as I'd feared. Then again, I'm also high out of my damn mind right now because of all the Lortab I've taken. :P


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