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It seems like a lifetime ago...

I was working at my first real career type job - a junior programmer for a transit company. All summer I lusted over a 2000 Ford Focus. And, if there was one indispensable soundtrack to that "last summer" before I left for Auburn, it was the Titan A.E. soundtrack. 

It was only 12 years. Why does it feel like a whole different life, and a whole different person?
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As of today, it has been exactly 10 years since I graduated from high school.

One of the big regrets I have is that I wasn't actively "blogging" at the time, nor did I bother to write much beyond the scraps that I've been able to recover. My LiveJournal only goes back to Christmas of 2001, so I'm missing high school, the "final summer" and that first year and a half of college from my writings. Unfortunately, those very memories are beginning to fade. I really wish I still had some of that early stuff around, to provide more insight into my thought processes at the time.

I do, however, still remember my graduation day. All my family was in town to watch me walk across the stage. I graduated from a huge high school, and there were more than 250 people in my graduating class. But, being one of a number is not necessarily a bad thing.

That night, I went to this "project graduation" thing - basically a big party thrown by the school PTA to give the kids something safe to do instead of drink. Frankly, I'd've rather gone home, talk to Mark, and play on the computer, but my Mom made me go. Still, it wasn't all bad - they had a "casino" set up, where all the games were rigged to always award us, and I won enough free meal coupons at Burger King and McDonalds to give me free meals for the rest of the summer. These would come in handy while I was at TCT.


Wow. You know, I really can't believe that's where I was, and that's who I was, ten years ago. It doesn't even seem real anymore. Like that was a different life, and I was a different person.

So what has the intervening 10 years been like?

"A long strange trip" wouldn't even begin to summarize what it's been like - and many of you have been here to witness it with me. Going from being an 18 year old punk kid, away from home for the first time, through all the madness that was my years at Auburn, to my first tentative steps into the real world, to where I find myself now.
"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be."

- Douglas Adams


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