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So I've been hearing this sound in my downstairs master bathroom. The sound of grinding and scratching. At first I thought I was crazy. I thought I was hearing Pumpkin upstairs in her litterbox (which is in the upstairs bathroom above the master). But earlier this week the sound got dramatically louder. Even my wife could hear it. It was time to take action.
So I called an exterminator. He came out on Friday and crawled through both of the attics. He found mouse droppings (as well as bat droppings from a previous infestation) and laid out traps to try to trap the "mouse."
But as of this morning, I was still hearing the sound.
So I popped open the plumbing access panel and looked inside. I couldn't see any animals (one of my big fears was that I was going to look in there and some animal was going to come flying out at me). But I could see where most of the noise was coming from. There were a large number of rocks underneath the tub, looking like they came from a hole in the slap.
At this point, I'm still operating under the assumption that whatever it is is either a  mouse or a rat. I left a couple of glue boards and a couple of snap-traps underneath the tub. Hopefully, in a few days, I'll be able to report success.
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