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So this morning, I'm getting into my truck to leave for the office. As I'm backing out, I notice a wrecker sitting halfway out of my neighbor's driveway and halfway out into the street. Annoyed, I make a mental note to back out of the driveway at an angle so as not to hit the guy.

As I'm waiting for the garage door to go down (I have this pathological fear that I've left the garage door up, so every morning I have to wait for it to go down before I can leave), I hear a tap on my window. I turn, and, standing outside my window is a big, intimidating-looking black guy.

Now, I live in a pretty nice area. Not the nicest, but hardly the like the area my shitty apartment was in; large, intimidating people are not a common sight. He taps again. I notice he's wearing a logo on his shirt matching the one on the truck, so I figure he's with wrecker company. Against my better judgement, I roll the window down.

He starts asking me a barrage of questions, like I'm in some courtroom.
  • Where is your neighbor, she's not answering the door? I don't know. She has two kids, maybe she took them to school?

  • There is no school, it's fall break. Oh, I didn't know. I don't have kids.

  • Does she drive a Toyota Corolla? Yeah, I think so. Never really paid attention.

  • Is it this one in the road? (Points to a red one sitting kind of in front of the empty house next door) No, it's a different one.

  • What color is it? I don't know, I can't remember.

  • Is it red, white, black? White, I think.

  • Do you know where she keeps it? In the garage, I think.
After that, he seemed satisfied, thanked me and walked back to his truck. Frankly, I was pretty disturbed by the whole experience.

Hell, I have no clue about my neighbors. We don't talk much (no one in this neighborhood really does). They stay out of my business and I return the favor. All I know is that she's a single mom (I never see any men at the house) and has two kids, one a teenage male who I usually see mowing the lawn and one younger girl my wife has met.

So I make a mental note to look up the wrecker company and complain about their rude tow driver. But then I got to the office and started working and forgot about it. Until just a few minutes ago when it randomly resurfaced in my head. So I googled the letters "UAR". No relevant hits. Thinking it stood for "United Auto" something, I started there, and, the first hit with a logo matching exactly what was on the guy's shirt and truck:

United Auto Recovery
United Auto Recovery provides professional, industry leading repossession services with an emphasis on client satisfaction through cutting edge technology initiatives.
My neighbor is a single mom with two kids, and I helped get her car repossessed. FML.
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