Jan. 23rd, 2010

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So I guess I was due for a bad lesson.

On takeoff, we had a 10kt crosswind. It was my first time taking off with a crosswind; I knew to kinda crab the plane into the wind, but I wasn't expecting the wind to get up under the wing and try to flip the plane.

Later, on landing, my CFI told me to turn off a little early at E6, but we still had to lose some speed. I started my turn a little soon and almost flipped the plane again....

So, almost two crashes. :(

I guess it's a positive that I learned from it; I now know how to handle crosswind takeoffs a little bit better, and next time to continue to E5 instead of trying to make a turn that I'm not comfortable with.

On the plus side, my altitude handling was a lot better, ground reference manuevers when well, and got some touch-and-go practice at KDCU, which was my first time flying into a field other than KHSV.

Today, I got the chainsaw out and hacked the huge hydrangea bush back as well as clearing out the brush along the property line. It's nice to be able to look out my back window knowing the line is clear and that it's not growing into the fence anymore.


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