Jan. 15th, 2010 04:35 pm
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Had a great flight today! It felt amazing to get back in the air again. It's been about six weeks since my last flight.

My CFI and I didn't have any real plans for today other than to just knock the rust off since it had been such a long delay. We took off on 18L today - the 12,000ft long runway - and went up to PA3. My takeoff went very well; I think I'm finally beginning to master the takeoff - I no longer let the plane veer left on takeoff. I've found that by slowly increasing power - over about 5 or 6 seconds - rather than slamming to full throttle on takeoff allows me to feel for and correct the airplane.

We worked on turns, descents, and slow flight, mostly knocking off the rust and getting me back in the sky. I also flew the approach and landing in, with my CFI providing just a little assistance here and there. Still need lots of work on those. Also need to work on holding altitude - I'm always either climbing or descending.

Still, all in all a great way to get back in the air. I'm 1.6 hours closer to my license. Only 33 or so more hours, at a minimum, to go before I can sit for my exam.

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Date: 2010-01-16 12:21 am (UTC)
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I went on a flight with my neighbor once. His instructor was with us, and they let me sit in the front and fly the plane. I held it at 3,000 feet for 83 seconds before it changed <.< He said it was better than my neighbor who had been getting lessons for like, 2 months XD


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